Q: How much will (Something Custom Built) cost?

A:  Any custom fabricated component is just that, custom. Therefore, there is no off-the-shelf price based on what it may or may not be similar to. If you really want something built, please contact us, and we can go over the details and get you a custom quote to go with your custom part!

Q: Why is your price on (Custom Part) more than the one I can buy online?

A: Anything that is made for mass production will be cheaper than "One-Off" custom parts for a few reasons. One of them is that every aspect of the mass-produced product has been designed so it is easily replicated. Now this may be something that makes the product better, or it may be a compromise in quality, in order to make it easy to mass produce. Another reason that mass-produced products are cheaper, is they are made as simple as possible, with the most common consumer's needs in mind, not the needs of the guy who is trying to break records. Then, the production process is streamlined and jigs are made, to make the production of the product faster and cheaper. And finally, mass-produced products are broken down into individual parts, and the most cost effective parts are found, and then ordered in bulk to save per piece. 

All these things give off-the-shelf products a overall lower price than custom products. But if all you buy is off-the-shelf...your build will be off-the-shelf.